What We Do

We offer services to record labels and distributors so they may concentrate on the artistic side of the music business and streamline their operations.

Vinyl Distribution
We send vinyl records to all the major retailers, including Phonica, Decks, Deejay, Juno, and Technique. But we also take great pride in our worldwide collaboration with numerous independent vinyl shops.

Vinyl Pressing
Because of the high volume of records we press every year, we have very competitive prices at the pressing plant(s) around Europe. 
In many instances, it will be much less expensive to let us manage your pressings than it will be to take a modest order directly to a pressing factory.
Along with the competitive prices we can provide, we free you up from a lot of effort by handling transportation, storage, and other tasks.

In electronic music, having accurate and high-quality master files is crucial. Your release could succeed or fail due to it. We provide very affordable rates at the top mastering studios in Europe. With the appropriate master files for each project, we can assist you. 

Digital Distribution
Shops like ours, Hardwax, Clone & Juno, but also streaming services like YouTube, Amazon, Deezer, Itunes and Spotify. 


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