Artwork Templates



Download your artwork template HERE!

Centre Labels
Take a 2.5 mm bleed around the design into account. If you do not respect this, text or images may be cut off. This means that the size of the separate documents (including the margin necessary bleed) will have a diameter of 105 mm. To be a 100 % sure that round text will not be cut off, you need to position it within a
circle with a diameter of 96 mm.
The measurements of the document are: 105 mm (width) x 210 mm (height); A label on top, B label on the bottom. Ask your designer to clearly mark ‘A-’ and ‘B side’ on the reference print or PDF. When C- and D labels are applicable, please place and supply them in a new document.


Sleeves are cut and folded by machine. Please allow a certain tolerance in your art-work. Add a 3 mm bleed around your design to avoid white edges on the area where the sleeve is folded.
All sleeves, except gatefolds, can be made up as a top opener or side opener. Please take this into account when making up the layout. On a side opener the image, on both front- and backside, needs to be placed standing up, with its ‘head’ upwards.

On a top opener the image on the backside needs to be rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise (with it’s ‘head’ facing left). The image on the front side of the sleeve needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise (with its ‘head’ facing right).