Every artists need trusted people around them. Someone who can advise and share an honest feedback.  Memoria is always straight to the point. They supported Captea since day 1 and they allowed me to carry on my idea of ​​music

- Jamahr (Captea Records)

Since the start of Undefined in 2015 Memoria supported the labels growth due to their professionality, clear communication and always a solving mindset. Although they became bigger it never lacked any of the points mentioned above. Im very happy with Memoria! Perfect partner to build a long lasting relationship.

- Undefined Amsterdam

I’ve been working with memoria probably since the very beginning and I would like to say that the guys are excellent and professional in their work. If you ask me to recommend a distributor, of course it would be Memoria

- Silat Beksi (MODEIGHT)

Been with Memoria since 2014. Always a pleasure to work with Izaak, Omar and the crew. Are always honest in their feedback and know what they are talking about!

- Ilario Liburni (Invade / Cardinal)

Been with Memoria since 2016 with multiple Labels. Very professional distribution. On point and time.

- Tripmastaz (Putch / CCCP)

Highly recommended distribution company! I’ve been working with memoria since I started my record label in 2020 and it’s been a great relationship since then. Very professional and friendly staff. If you are looking for a P&D deal, look no further.

- Mario Liberti (Deep in This)